Communications Strategy

Impact and momentum are created
with the right mix of channels and timing

Video Production

Educate, Entertain, and Energize with effective visual tools


Enhance your brand with an attractive,
yet affordable on-line presence

We help businesses tell the right story to the right audience with the right mix of tools and budget.

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  • Video Production

    Video is one of the most effective communications tools available. It's the next best thing to being there. Identifying your audience, your message, and weaving it into a professionally-produced video doesn't have to be insanely expensive. Lexica Communications helps you through the process of determining how to best use video as a cost-effective way to move the needle.  Take a look at some of our recent work.

  • Web Site Development

    Web sites are "home base" for other communications tools. Having a well-organized, attractive web site is a foundational component of your business. It should reflect your brand promise, give visitors a place to learn more about your business, and entice them to contact you. Lexica Communications will help you determine the messaging and approach that will give an attractive, effective, but affordable web presence.  Take a look at the sites we've developed.

  • Communication Strategy

    Creating a strategic communications plan involves identifying your goals and creating the rigt mix of audiences, messages, channels, and timing to achieve those goals. A good communications plan, well-executed, is greater than the sum of it parts in that it strengthens your brand through consistent messaging and visuals. We can help create the plan and the tools.

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